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WE ARE NOW FOUR   !!!!!!


Drums // Vox

Scott Rogers

An energetic singer and drummer extraordinaire!

Scott's animated style of keeping the beat, along with is vocal chops is entertainment gold.

He is a front man, behind the drums. Scott takes the majority of vocal duties with his alternative sounding roots.


Guitar // Vox

Smilin' Jay

Jay brings a special edge to The IN Crowd sound.  A awesome lead guitarist and solo innovator Jay is constantly looking to see where he can take his playing to that next level. And when we can we get him on the mic.

Bass // Rhythm

Strother Moore

Strother has transformed his rhythmic expertise to become the bands rock of substance.

His bass lines run deep and true and hold them all together as they rock the night. Strother has been known to take to the mic once or twice as well!


Eric Gibson - Rhythm / Lead  Guitar

Eric is that rare combination that every band looks for. A solid rhythm guitarist who can also do solos with the best of them. We are very fortunate to have Eric with us.

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